Follow Me Down…The Female Voices of Empowerment

I was listening to 102.1 The Edge in the car and this song came on, and I was floored! At first, I thought the singer was male with just a higher voice but as I listened further it was Taylor Momsen and the band The Pretty Reckless.

WHAT?! RIGHT?! Hearing a powerful female belt out some great lyrics with a savoury guitar lick behind her voice, can I get an amen? I love the blues guitar palm muted chords at the chorus, double kick and the gritty guitar introduction, with dissonant vocals. All a good rock mix. (I know not Riot Grrrl genre, but powerful women can’t be denied.)

Follow Me Down- The Pretty Reckless

After I listened to that song, I thought about another female singer with power, Bif Naked. Sound familiar? Totally, late 90s early 2000s I grew up with this song as one of my female anthems in high school. And it is still just as powerful as it first was.

“I Love Myself Today”-Bif Naked

Boy, do I miss her! I love her punk rock tattoos, Riot Grrrl attitude, and screechy vocals in the chorus. SO good! This brought back so many memories. But you can see that females are all over every kind of genre influencing each other and to top it all off BIF IS CANADIAN! And everybody said AMEN! Both these women can rock out, and I’m happy to see front women Taylor Momsen sing powerfully in this day in age especially in the rock genre.

Over and out.


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