The Canadian Juno Awards and Strong Canadian Female Artistry

As Grrrl1 and I discussed over lunch together, genres (specifically rock) are ever changing. There is a missing piece in the music scene of strong Riot grrrl feminist punk rock music. The genre has seemed to dissipate and retreat in the last few years. However, there have been strong women in music, from Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Sia, and Iggy Azalea in the recent years paving their own way. Yet, there is still a missing piece where women within the rock genre are still dominated heavily by masculinity and dude rock stereotypes.

Since the Canadian Juno Awards have come to Hamilton Ontario I’ve thrown myself head first into Canadian music artist scene again and have been listening to some awesome music that have women first and foremost that rock out.

Lights is not heavy metal rock, but she can certainly rock out live in concert. (I have been following her since her start in 2006.). From Timmins Ontario, Lights Poxleitner is a female Canadian Electro Pop artist with powerful female sound.

An advocate for her fans to sponsor kids in Haiti, and playing concerts at local middle schools to create awareness of the charity the 30 Hr Famine. Lights is a strong women with a powerful voice and strong musical sound. Her music is just as hard-hitting as many other electro pop artists in her genre category. Radio play of her song “Up We Go” has been on heavy rotation since her release of her new album “Little Machines” late last year. There’s no stopping her bit-crushed keyboard, subby kick drum and bass-lines and powerful harmonies from making waves in the Canadian music scene.

Check out Lights recent video, “Running With The Boys

Ironically, there are no boys in this video, but it’s a great anthem!

With her combat boots, plaid shirt, black high waisted jeans and epic shaggy hair comb-over Lights will be performing at the Junos on Sunday March 15, 2015!!!

The Mohrs
I cannot get over this band, The Mohrs, fronted by guitarist and vocalist Jackie Mohr, this harder rock sound with strong vocals is definitely a band to look out for in the next few years.

I love her style, her strength, and her passion for music. Originally from Winnipeg, from my families hometown, The Mohrs radio ready rock sound is showing the way that strong women can be the front(wo)man of a band without having to be severely feminine or overtly masculine!

Check out their song “Perfectly Sane” here,

Love this band. Check out them out and see what you think. I hope they are recognized for a Juno in the near future.

Vag Halen
The next band I stumbled upon this week is a band called Vag Halen, (their name says it all doesn’t it) who is a Toronto all female queer cover band. HOW AWESOME IS THAT, RIGHT?!


Lead sing Vanessa Dunn, doing what she does best on stage!

These girls rock extra hard and look like they are having fun subverting sexuality by performing on stage both music and performance art. These girls exude sexuality so fluidly with their shaggy hair, fishnet stockings, and knee-high boots reminiscent of Riotgrrrls Bikini Kill and Hair metal bands of the 80s. I literally cannot get enough of this group and their female empowering performances.

Here is a recent interview with the lead signer Vanessa Dunn, (Rated PG)

I love what she has to say in this video, it is inspiring to see women be strong with their own voice in the music scene.

The landscape for women artistry is changing and women are taking back both sound and instrument. Strong women, who can play and rock just as hard as their counterparts is certainly long overdue! Seeing powerful Canadian women permeate the radio waves with their music is where genres are changing and I cant wait to see what all these artists have in their arsenal in the years to come.

Now I’m off to watch the Junos! Strong women! Go team!

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  2. rnb2015 · April 2, 2015

    I think this is very interesting, especially highlighting female Canadian artists. I agree that there is a lot more strong women in the music industry and that they play significant roles within the music industry. The vast amounts of female groups and artists across Canada are amazing; it shows that women can just be as successful as men when it comes to music. It is also great to see artists and bands like Lights, doing humanitarian work by creating awareness to issues like Haiti, to get people involved in the helping no matter how big or small the contribution. I think it is amazing that more artists and bands, like Vag Halen, who are advocates for queer communities and challenging the norms that society gives to all girl bands. I also find that a lot of female artists and bands are going away from the social norms and proving that they are strong; that they can take control of the radio airwaves with their music. Hopefully this trend continues and more females start being recognized for the differences and good influences they are making in both young men and women’s lives throughout the nation. (For credit).


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