Sleater-Kinney: Poster Grrrls

Among the Riot Grrrl universe, Sleater Kinney is an enigma. Perhaps it is the newfound fame of guitarist-turned-Portlandia-star Carrie Brownstein, or perhaps it is that among the ruckus of early riot grrrl bands, they stood out as the least threatening to the masses. Their demure outfits clash with the moral-panic inducing garb of their contemporaries. They retain their widespread popularity among music fans of all genres while most other riot grrrls have faded into the woodwork. The above video promotes their new album, No Cities to Love and features an interview with the band. Although their music still rocks hard and their live performances can be ferocious, Sleater-Kinney has managed to remain with the times whilst staying true to Riot Grrrl’s original values.


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