Riot Style?

Since the genre’s heyday Riot Grrrl aesthetics have continued to (ironically) permeate popular culture. Though many still appreciate these fashions as subversive and countercultural statements, much of the recognition involves the recontextualization of these images for the purpose of nostalgic glorification.

A good example is the widespread popularity of these images on websites such as Pinterest and Tumblr, where they are shared and imbued with meanings that serve the purposes of a new generation of young women. Punk fashion has even permeated high-end clothing trends. One Tweet by former grunge rocker Courtney Love snarked that she was “having gasms at the idea of rich ladies buying what we used to wear”, in response to the overwhelming surge of punk/grunge fashion in an industry that is arguable the antithesis of punk rock values.

See link for more examples:

Also check out the Riot Grrrl homage on Pinterest:


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